Becoming a Mentor


College Mentors for Kids allows college students to impact the lives of local elementary school students.  Every mentor who is accepted to our program is paired with a little buddy who is in elementary school in Bloomington.  As a pair you will participate in our weekly activities held here ON CAMPUS!  The power to impact one's life is a major responsibility that all members of the organization strive to live up too.     

As a mentor you are responsible for demonstrating a commitment to your little buddy and the program. 

Responsibilities of a Mentor

Below are listed the major responsibilities of becoming a Mentor:

  • Attendance at activity once per week (options include Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 4:30-5:45).  Absences are highly discouraged and will only be accepted if it is due to a major illness/family emergency (homework, employment, events, are not acceptable).

  • Raising your fundraising goal.  This amount varies slightly by year, however is likely to be a maximum of $200. 

  • Commitment to your little buddy.  Mentoring relationships are built on your presence and the shared experience.  It is highly encouraged that mentors remain with their little buddy for the school year (however, class schedules can be considered in assignment decisions each semester).

  • Commitment to the program.  This can vary greatly but can include attendance at social events, the end of the year banquet, and any meetings/trainings that might be required.

Interview Process​​

The interview process is very simple and is not meant to be intimidating.  Following you signing up below, you will be contacted about your intent to join the program, rather than your interest.  If interested you will be given instructions on how to begin the process of becoming a mentor.

Email us   /   900 E. 7th St. Bloomington, IN 47401

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